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Medical Waste

Medical waste contains infectious material (or material that’s potentially infectious) which is generated by healthcare facilities.

Improper disposal of medical waste, lead to important environmental problems and public health issue. It is one of the biggest day-to-day challenges faced by healthcare provider. It has the potential to spread disease, polluting the environment, threats to the wild life and public health.

Due to its hazardous nature, the medical waste disposal and treatment consists of not only the treatment facilities but trucking service with the stringent routing, waste confined isolation, cold storage handling & etc.

UESH’s sister company, UE Envirotech (Beijing) Co. Ltd (“UE Envirotech”) has been operating eight medical waste plants in China and providing the service to the regions with population over dozens of millions. The non-incineration treatment adopted is recognized as one of the most effective methods by United Nations Environmental Program POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants).